Cuban Pastors Memorial


On May 18, 2018, more than 110 Cubans were killed in an airplane crash.

Sadly, 20 on board this Air Cubana flight were Cuban pastors and leaders with whom One Mission Society has partnered with over the past two decades.

They all passed away from the crash. Ten children, ranging from ages 7 to 15 years old, along with several adult children, are now without parents, and a whole denomination of churches is without leaders.

Working closely with trusted Cuban leaders, OMS has developed a plan to come alongside these devastated families, just-orphaned children, and the local churches who have lost their pastors and leaders.

Will you join us in extending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in Cuba by providing financial support for the following?

  • Funeral costs

  • Children and family member immediate needs

  • Rebuilding and training new leadership teams


Your act of love will make a difference in the lives of those who are desperately hurting because of this tragedy in Cuba.

Donation Instructions


Online (Credit Card)
Follow the links below to make once off or regular donations.  You will be directed to our page in '' - the Westpac sponsored centre for charitable donations.  After providing your personal and payment details you will be asked to chose your donation designation from a drop down box labeled - 'Which person (or area) would you like to designate your donation to ?'*

 ​Click here  to make a credit card once off or regular donation. **


To make a once off donation over the phone call us at 03 98708559 to supply your donation and credit card details. Please note regular donations cannot be made over the phone. 


Direct Debit:
     Westpac Bank
     One Mission Society
     BSB: 733172

    Acc Number: 628724
(Please include your name and 'Cuban Pastors' in the transaction details.)


Make out a cheque to One Mission Society and mail to:
     One Mission Society
     PO Box 897
     VIC 3134


* All donations are made to One Mission Society Australia and applied to the missionary in accordence with One Missionary Policy and Procedures.  Ultimate authority of funds received is with the Board of One Mission Society Australia and are not controlled by the individual missionary.


** Regular Credit Card and Direct Debit donations are set up by the donor.  One Mission Society does not have authority over these transactions and cannot change or cancel them at the donors request.

03 8839 4807

44 Dublin Road, VIC 3135

By God's grace,
One Mission Society unites, inspires and equips Christians to make disciples of Jesus Christ,
multiplying dynamic communities of believers around the world.

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