#GIVELIGHT to North Korea


Koreans have been a divided people for decades, but a gradual reunification process is taking place through the arrival of North Korean defectors in South Korea. These defectors face numerous obstacles to integration into South Korean society, but they also provide valuable insight into the issues Koreans will face after reunification.

One Mission Society ministry partner Sarangnaru reaches out to these refugees and helps them integrate into South Korean society by providing group homes for teens and young adults, feeding programs for children, and after-school tutoring for elementary children and their parents, among other ministries. In this way, North Korean defectors and their families are evangelized, discipled, and prepared to make a valuable contribution to reunification.

Does your heart ache for the lost? 

Do you long to see all people and nations shining with the light of Christ ... especially North Koreans? 

We are taking the light of Jesus Christ into the darkest place in the world - North Korea. 
Our team is evangelizing, discipling, and training North Koreans in neighboring nations to reach their own people for Jesus Christ! 

This opportunity to reach the people of North Korea is almost unbelieveable! Will you join us in this endeavor?  A small gift of $50 will evangelize, train, and disciple one North Korean to reach his or her nation for Christ.


Help us #GIVELIGHT to North Korea this Christmas.

03 8839 4807

44 Dublin Road, VIC 3135


By God's grace,
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