Only 3 percent of the Japanese population has been to church, with 1.5 percent of the population being Christian. Many have a hard time understanding the gospel, as the word for 'sin' means 'criminal' in Japanese. Japan needs missionaries who have a heart for the Japanese to come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.







Fast Facts




127 million (2016)



Current Ministry


Ministry Opportunities

  • Teacher for missionary kids

  • District missionaries

    • ​​Need to learn the language to evangelise
  • Field treasurer

  • Sports ministry, particularly with youth

  • Maintenance

  • Book-keeping

  • A Japanese worker is needed to help with HOPE61 (human trafficking prevention)



Life in Japan



  • The language barrier exists in ministry and daily life and takes time and effort to overcome

  • At the start, a ministry is focused on language study and forming relationships

  • Connecting with the community is not easy

  • Many are hesitant to share faith because they don't feel they have the credentials; it is seen as a task for pastors alone




  • Honor and shame are driving forces in social behaviour

  • Ancestor worship moves many to act in ways they hope will please their ancestors

  • A relational society

  • Harmony and cohesiveness are highly valued in family

  • Indirect communication

  • It can take a long time to get to know someone, as personal things are not easily shared or never shared

  • Respect and politeness are vital


Response to christianity

  • Christianity is considered a western belief

  • Religion is not relational in Japan, codes and rules are prominent

  • Most have no belief in a single God; a saviour seems unnecessary

  • 'Sin' in Japanese translates to 'criminal'

  • Difficult for people to grasp the concept of forgiveness

  • There is an openness among the youth, who are rethinking the effectiveness of tradition

  • People listen to the gospel but it doesn't always penetrate the heart

  • New Christians are seen by their family as traitors, betraying the traditional and respectful ways


How to pray

  • For a strong and healthy relationship between the Japanese Holiness Church and OMS as they partner to plant train churches that will multiply

  • For new missionaries to raise the financial support they need

  • For Japanese believers to grow deeper in their knowledge and understanding of God

  • For Japanese believer to possess a bold and respectful faith that will allow them to witness to others with confidence

  • For the power of the Holy Spirit to be evident

  • For current ministries to grow



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