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Pre-application - Getting to Know You... and us.

We have a form called Getting to Know You which helps you to tell us a bit about yourself and helps you to get to know a little about us.  This is a valuable process to help us figure out what area of service might be best for you.



There are a number of steps in the application process. After receiving the Getting to Know You form we will offer you the Long or Short Term Application Forms.


SHORT TERM - there is only one form which covers things like your personal details, ministry history, skills, medical status etc. The form also asks you to review and sign in acceptance of our statement of faith. We will also ask you for the contact details of a referee so we can call them for a chat.  Here is the form.


The Executive Director will then accept your application and refer you to the field office who also need to accept you.


LONG TERM - There are a few forms you need to fill out -


  • Long-Term Application form which covers things like your personal details, education level and job history, ministry history, skills, medical status etc. The form also asks you to review and sign in acceptance of our statement of faith.

  • Theology Questionnaire which asks you to explain your understanding of some of Christianity's foundational beliefs and your understanding of missions.

  • Reference Evaluation forms. The Long Term Application asks for contact details of three references - one of which must be your pastor. We will send Reference Evaluation forms to these three individuals for them to give feedback on your character and personality.

  • Divorce Questionaire if you have been divorced. This form helps you and us decide if you are ready to leave Australia for an extended period of time, in the light of possible financial or personal responsibilities.  

  • Tongues Statement which outlines OMS's understanding of the gift of tongues and our policy of focusing on agreement on commonality in understanding of the spiritual gifts rather than focusing on differences.


Psychological Assesment - You will be asked to have an appointment with a qualified psychiatrist for your psychological assessment. This assessment will alert you and us to any issues you may need to work through before deployment.


Once we have all the necessary forms from you the Executive Director will make a recommendation to the Board of OMS to accept you as a missionary. This will consist of a face to face chat with one of the Board members (don't worry they are all very nice). Once the Board accepts you as a member of OMS we move on to placement and funding.



Usually, placement is already well underway by the time your application process is complete but if we are still not clear on where you will be serving and in what capacity we need to lock that in at this stage.

Placement takes place when we work together to identify which missions team you are going to be assigned to. For some that is easy because you are responding to a specific ministry in a specific location. For others, we need to work with you on how your skills and calling will best fit a ministry assignment.

We will work together with the field leadership of the country you will be assigned to, to ensure that you will be a valued member of the team when you arrive.  


Partnership Building

OMS is a 'faith mission'. This means that all our missionaries and homeland staff are supported through financial partnerships by donors. This can be a very daunting task for many new missionaries but, while it is not easy it is rewarding and an important part of your future ministry. Partnership building includes raising prayer and financial partners who will journey with you for the duration of your ministry assignment.


The first part of partnership building is making people aware of your upcoming missionary service. Once you have been accepted as a member missionary OMS would like to officially introduce you as a missionary to anybody in your life that would be interested to know what you will be doing. You will be asked to give us a list of personal contacts / churches / relatives and whoever may be interested. We will then contact all of those people on your behalf, with an introduction letter and invitation to support you. Postal addresses are prefered as hard copy mail tends to be read more thouroughly then email.


We will also provide you with support cards which will have a photo and details of your ministry and how people can give and sign up to news letters.

Your job is to make contact with all the people on your list and tell them about your upcoming ministry. Tell them where you are going - the country or place you will be serving and the OMS team you will be serving with, why you are going - explain how you feel passionate and called to do this ministry and finally ask that that person help you and be a part of your team by praying & giving.


Funding Requirements

We will work together with you and with the field leadership where you will be serving, to come up with a budget we call a Missionary Support Requirement (MSR). The MSR includes your monthly living expenses, superannuation, travel expenses, insurance and a contribution towards the running of the OMS home office.  Some of these costs are set in concrete and others are open for negotiation depending on your situation.


You will not be released to the missions field until you have pledges for 100% of your support requirement. This ensures that once on the field you are able to concentrate on your ministry and know that you will be able to complete your assignment.



Training programs include - 


Orientation - Upon application to OMS.

Funding Training

CrossTraining - For all missionaries.

ECC Training - Church Planting Multiplication Training for those in church planting positions.

HOPE61 Training - Learn about human trafficking and create an action plan to prevent it.



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By God's grace,
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