Republic of ireland

The Republic of Ireland is still largely a Catholic nation, despite a growing mistrust toward the church. Building relationships that will allow for evangelism takes a long time, and Ireland is in need of more people who will commit to servig the Lord by loving the people of the Republic of Ireland.








Fast Facts




4.773 million (2016)




  • Breathe (OMS partner) - A relational ministry that seeks to plant churches while changing the negative view many have of "church" due to large-scale past hurts.

  • Innovista (OMS partner)- Provides leadership training for young adults with a focus on Christian values.

  • Church Planting with Calvary Mission in Loughrea.

  • Partnering, supporting, and building relationships with the evangelical church in Ireland.

  • Every Community for Christ (ECC) (more info on US site)


Ministry Opportunities

  • Church planters

    • Urgent need for a church planter/evangelist in
      Mullingar, County Westmeath

  • Intentional relationship building with partner organisations
    and churches

  • Equipping long term people and leaders to share their faith



Life in the republic of Ireland



  • A sense of hostility toward "the Church"

  • Nation-wide mistrust after repeated hurts from the cultural
    church establishment

  • Ireland (republic) is rapidly becoming a secular country, particularly following two recent referendums

  • Lowest number of evangelical Christians in the
    English-speaking world




  • Trust is rare, but friendliness is widespread 

  • Family-oriented culture

  • Mostly Catholic or Catholic-influenced

  • Easygoing and relaxed


Response to christianity

  • Youth and young adults are more likely to ask questions about Christianity

  • The Irish people are spiritual in general

  • A number of youth and young adults view the Catholic church as an institution, wanting nothing to do with 'church'

  • Nation-wide mistrust in evangelical Christianity after repeated hurts from the cultural church establishment


How to pray

  • For strength for Christians in the spiritual battle and darkness following recent changes in law

  • For patience, love, and perseverance for believers who want to show a hurting people who God really is 

  • For the sowing of God's word - for mighty revival and spiritual awakening throughout the entire island of Ireland



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