Shayne Rochfort

Shayne Rochfort serves as an affiliate missionary with One Mission Society, serving and connecting with other local missionaries and ministries and encouraging them with knowledge and practical applications in Thailand. He is currently working with a small Thai Foundation whose focus is to support educational facilities, community development and quality of life in northern Thailand. He has extensive knowledge of facilitating and coordinating work permits and visas for foreign volunteers working for foundations, networking and communication including reporting to Government departments and any other legal and regulatory functions. His work in Thailand began in March 2010 with The River Team for three years, and now he continues to work with several foundations and organizations in Thailand seeing needs and serving with his God-given talents. After spending many years working in the IT industry, Shayne was challenged by God about why he wasn’t in full-time service. He had served God in many ways in Australia, through both local church and parachurch organizations, but the call to serve overseas became too big to ignore. Many years ago, Shayne visited India on a short-term mission trip, and since then, God has been preparing him and prompting him in this endeavor.


Shayne completed CROSS Training in 2016 and is back in Thailand on special assignment. Shayne has spent many years in church ministry and interdenominational ministries as well as camping and sports ministry at all levels, from coaching to administration and refereeing. Shayne has completed a certificate in youth ministry through Scripture Union and recently became TESOL qualified. On the personal side, Shayne enjoys meeting lots of people in Chiang Mai, helps multiple groups around Chiang Mai and spends a lot of time sharing information with incoming missionaries and others to northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is a prominent area for technology and "digital nomads" and Shayne is a leader amongst this group. He is also involved in community service and development projects around Chiang Mai. Serving people and then having the opportunity to share the Gospel. Shayne has a passion for the people of Thailand, where nearly 68 million lost people live. He wants to help those in need to find the love of their Savior, Jesus.

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