OMS, Australia, and a Response to Nepal

May 1, 2014

When disaster first struck Nepal in the form of a 7.8M earthquake on April 25, the OMS founded church in another Asian country responded. These national coworkers were the first of the OMS family to react. Immediate needs were glaringly obvious; food and medical supplies were vital to relieve some of the chaos. Around the world OMS organised to respond with financial sacrifices to provide these needs. 


By God's grace, to date Australians have given $9, 609, used by our national coworkers to go into areas where they were often the first to arrive with aid. We are grateful to God for guiding their steps this way. As an Australian office, we are also excited to see God using national coworkers from one country as first responders in another. The responsibility for the work has now passed to local believers, a great way to prevent "relief" from creating "dependency." National workers also had the opportunity in the midst of the despair to offer eternally Good News. 


Though Western media have moved on to think of other things, now is the time to continue sacrifice and prayer. With an estimated 2.8 million people made homeless, our national coworkers & ministry partners have identified the need to focus funds and efforts on creating shelter.


A conscious decision has been made to proceed in the following ways.

1. To serve in a remote area where other ministries are not working. Nearly 100% of people in this region have lost their homes. 

2. As of this writing monsoon season has likely set in, or will soon. While our team immediately began procuring supplies, it is important to continue purchasing and building to provide homes in this area...and others as God leads. 


Each house is made of reasonably priced materials that are expensive to ship to the remote area where our team and partners are serving. Made of tin roofing, metal poles, and plastic, each structure should last 10-15 years and costs $500. 


OMS Australia has set a goal of raising $20,000 toward the Nepal earthquake response. We're nearly at the halfway mark & from this point on funds will contribute to the purchasing of homes. Will you, your Sunday school group, your life group, or your church use your resources to provide homes for those without? 



To give now, click HERE. 

Or contact us with questions at 03 9870 8559.


 Some of the materials being used. 




The Disaster.




The Food.





The Medicine.





The Community. The Worship.




The Shelter.







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