5 Ways OMS Australia Supports Missionaries

September 3, 2015

By God’s grace, One Mission Society works through missionaries and national coworkers in more than seventy countries. While there are many benefits to following Jesus into ministry overseas or in your home country, it can also be incredibly stressful. Successful and sustainable ministries require prayer and financial supporters and, if you’re being sent out by an organisation, a helpful team at the home office.  


From Australia, OMS currently sends fifteen missionaries to eight countries including Australia. OMS headquarters in Australia are located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our office team is made up of three full-time missionaries, three part-time missionaries, various volunteers, and a board that meets regularly. This is in addition to a few part-time and full-time missionaries who work in other parts of the country. It our privilege to support our workers, both overseas and at home, in these ways.



ONE: Accounts & Payroll
From the office we monitor financial accounts and take care of payroll. We provide reimbursements for approved ministry costs, ensure that international transfers happen in a timely manner, and oversee the transfers between OMS offices as they apply to Australian missionaries.




TWO: Constituents & Prayer Letters
It is important that a missionary stays in contact with their supporters so that supporters understand the value of their contributions. We are here to edit, mail, and print prayer letters. We also make sure that donors are kept up to date in case of emergency, or if a missionary needs to abruptly leave their field of service.




THREE: Family/Missionary Care & Accountability
Working overseas increases normal stress on a person, couple, and family. Missionaries often work overtime and are “on call” 24/7. Our office does our best to know how our missionaries are doing and to be there for them during the stressful times. A weekly prayer group meets in the office to pray for each one, and keeps updated on their prayer requests and praises. Our board is also responsible for making the difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions that we hope will keep our missionaries healthy, happy, and productive in the long run.




FOUR: Prayer Cards & Materials
When missionaries return to Australia on furlough, we do our best to provide the materials they need for speaking engagements. This includes the prayer cards they hand out to potential supporters. A prayer card features a picture of the missionary/missionary family, information about their ministry, and details for financial partnership. The office also stocks up on official brochures and promotional materials from OMS world headquarters in the US, and creates our own as needed.  




FIVE: Training/Coaching 
Typically held at OMS world headquarters, Orientation and CROSS training are the first two training events an OMSer takes before moving to the field. Orientation is an introduction to the organisation, explains the “ins” and “outs” of properly filling out and turning in an expense report, guidelines for prayer letters, and more of the details a missionary candidate needs to know to begin fundraising for their assignment. CROSS training is a three week experience designed to equip a missionary to leave their family, home country, and old life with as much positivity and ease as possible. It also includes sessions on holiness and OMS’s theology, culture adjustment, how to maintain a healthy relationship with God, how to maintain relationships with friends and family at home, donor maintenance, and more.
At this time we are working to make both of these trainings available in Australia.



We are grateful to every person that works full-time, part-time, or on a volunteer basis with OMS Australia. Working from the homeland is in an invaluable piece of the missions puzzle.


Are you interested in using your skills to help us in one of the above areas? Know someone else who is? You can work with us to maintain and improve what we do. Contact us as at info@omsaus.org, or by calling 03 9870 8559.

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