Southeast Asia

The region of Southeast Asia is made up of  diverse landscapes. Poverty levels are high, and the majority of people do not follow Jesus. There is a critical need for people to assist in church planting and teaching in the  K-12 school and seminary.


Current Ministry

  • K-12 School 

  • Seminary training

  • Church planting with ECC Train and Multiply (more info on US site)

  • HOPE61 (human trafficking prevention) training among the 
    seminary students

  • Intentional relationship building and discipleship, especially with students and faculty at the seminaries

  • Language learning


Ministry Opportunities

  • Teachers at K-12 School 

    • Urgent need: music teacher 

  • Seminary professors (2 seminaries)

    • PhD preferred to assist in accreditation 

  • Church planting

  • Counselors

  • Potential for a professor of music to develop a music program
    at a seminary

    • Music skills to use in worship leading would be a valuable asset for future national church planters and leaders 

  • An individual or couple to focus on ECC/T&M (more info on US site)


Life in Southeast asia



  • Learning the language 

  • Living in a country where a different faith is prominent

  • Visa restrictions

  • Retirement is forced at a certain age, losing many older singles
    and families

  • Confrontation is indirect, so missionaries may have trouble identifying areas of stress or conflict

  • The geography allows for people to disappear very easily

  • Extreme poverty creates a group of vulnerable people who are easily exploited 

  • Education has a cost - even public schools are not free




  • Marked difference in dress from western countries: no sleeveless, no knees showing, modesty is key

  • Different style of fellowship - less lingering over meals

  • Relationship building is a slow process

  • Women are considered 'second class' within the traditional religion and culture.


Response to christianity

  • Relational evangelism has the best effect.

  • House churches exist due to legal restrictions.

  • Standoffish to Christianity.

  • Proselytizing is illegal.


How to pray

  • For missionaries and national believers...

    • to have strength, energy, and protection.

    • to have perseverance in times of persecution.

  • For protection against violence. 

  • For more missionaries to be called and sent.

  • For visions, so nonbelievers come to know the Lord.

  • For people struggling with oppression of any form.



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