Spain is the least-reached Spanish speaking country. Missionaries need to come to reach this country with the Word of God to see lives transformed. Spain has lost interest in the church, due to distrust of the traditional approaches. This country needs to know what a relationship with God truly looks like. 




Roman Catholic





Fast Facts




46.56 million (2016)



Current Ministry

  • Church development

  • Counseling and member care for missionaries

  • Church planting

  • Basketball camp at church averages about 150 children attending

  • Running and organising the use of a campground


Ministry Opportunities

  • Many cultures in Spain mean missionaries from many cultures are welcome

  • Training believers

  • Discipleship 

  • Field director

  • Camp personnel

    • Director

    • Maintenance

    • Cooking


Life in Spain



  • The 'church' label is a negative one, so camps and events are used to introduce the church community to others 

  • A standoffish reaction, rather than a friendly one, is typical at first meeting, making it difficult to extend friendship

  • Churches do not easily unite




  • People are turned off by the "church" title

  • Many Muslims from Africa

  • Relational within their own family, not always with outsiders

  • Meal times are later than in most countries

  • Making friends takes time, but once made they are friends for life

  • Speaking is direct and blunt, but not meant rudely


Response to christianity

  • Distrust because of the harm from old church traditions

  • Spain is the least evangelized Spanish-speaking country because people are resistant to accept Christianity

  • Religion is viewed by a large sector of the nation as part of culture and heritage, not as a relationship


How to pray

  • For perseverance, because the work is not easy

  • For the camp to develop and reach many people



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