Taiwan is a country with many Buddhists, Daoists,  and followers of folk religions. Many are open to hearing the gospel, but family and social pressures make it difficult for new believers to make a commitment to following Jesus. Taiwan needs missionaries who are willing to work alongside Taiwanese Christians to further the work
of the gospel.


Taiwanese Mandarin

Mandarin Chinese






Fast Facts




23.57 million (2018)




  • Outreach to mothers and children

  • Church planting

  • University student Bible studies

  • Relationship building and support for delinquent youth

  • Pastoring in English in the Taiwan Holiness Church

  • Counseling

  • Teachers at Morrison School

  • Orphanage

  • Ministering to children with special needs and their families


Ministry Opportunities

  • Local pastors are looking for missionaries to partner with their church through teaching English

  • Church planters

  • Teachers for Morrison School


life in Taiwan



  • The language is complex, which makes sharing the true gospel message a challenge

    • Mandarin is spoken with many variations

  • Strong family ties mean that converting to Christianity could result in new believers being disowned

  • Building connections 




  • Taiwanese are warm, inviting, and relational

  • The culture is indirect, particularly in dealing with conflict or offenses

  • Different religions are tolerated

  • Family ties are essential to the culture's idea of a fulfilled life

  • People are gracious, allowing for opportunities to demonstrate love that is genuinely reciprocated


Response to christianity

  • Success eliminates what many see as the need for Jesus

  • Jesus Christ is often added to a list of gods to be worshipped

  • Open to listening to the gospel, but slower to accept

  • The younger generation is caught between showing respect for the traditional teachings of their parents and they believe themselves


How to pray

  • For a continued openness to the gospel

  • For real understanding of the gospel that will result in genuine and complete commitment

  • For wisdom for missionaries to use resources as effectively as possible



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