Thailand is surrounded by many countries where Christianity is not allowed. In Thailand, however, there is religious freedom, and many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ. A small percentage of Thais, however, are Christians. There is a critical need for church planters to assist in establishing more culturally relevant churches
 in unreached areas. 







Fast Facts




68.86 million (2016)




  • Work with HOPE61 to prevent vulnerability to human trafficking

  • Intentional fellowship with Thai communities

  • Equip Thai believers for church planting (more info on US site).  

  • Language learning

  • Teach English to families

  • Prayer walking

  • New ministry among hill tribes to provide more healthy employment opportunities and Christian community


Ministry Opportunities

  • Business as mission - villages need someone to assist in marketing and selling their handmade products

  • Church planters

  • Church multiplication facilitators

  • Short-term teachers serving missionary kids

  • Evangelism and discipleship in the region of Isaan, where
     only .18% are evangelical Christians


Life in Thailand



  • Spiritual strongholds from other religions

  • Bible studies are tough to lead on a deep level with limited knowledge of the language

  • There are limited options for schooling for families with children in rural villages

  • Mostly Buddhist in the rural village, few westerners

  • The number of sincere conversions can be tricky to track

  • Small villages with few English speakers can create a feeling of isolation for missionaries




  • Buddhism is a way of life, ingrained into daily culture

  • Hospitality is a must

  • Politeness is cultural - a 'yes' may be a respectful answer,
    not a true one

  • Neighbors enjoy helping each other


Response to christianity

  • Religious tolerance

  • Some missionary visas are available

  • Christianity is sometimes treated as a religious activity instead of a relationship

  • Jesus is sometimes added to a list of gods to worship

  • Identity is found in Buddhism

  • Relational evangelism is most effective, even if it takes a lot longer


How to pray

  • For relationships with Thai people to grow strong and sincere

  • For Thai Buddhists to understand the Gospel and make disciples

  • For missionaries...

    • to be a blessing to their Thai neighbors

    • to know how to best raise children there



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By God's grace,
One Mission Society unites, inspires and equips Christians to make disciples of Jesus Christ,
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