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God has burdened your heart with the needs of the world and called you to serve Him in a new culture or country. Now what?

New missionaries often take 1-2 years to complete fundraising, packing, applying for visas, and saying goodbyes. Amid a few exciting moments it can feel like an endless waiting game.


OMS believes this is actually the prime time for gathering the tools and skills that will allow you to begin your missionary journey with both confidence and humility. Our unique program purposefully uses the first 2 years to equip you through:

  • Language Learning

  • Evangelism & Discipleship Training

  • Team Building

  • Fundraising Training

  • Cross-cultural Training

  • Spiritual Growth

  • OMS Orientation

  • Cultural Events

  • Relationship Building

  • Personal & Professional Development 

  • Human Trafficking Prevention Training

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We're sending workers to serve with partner churches to make new disciples of Jesus Christ.

Join a team to make the kind of disciples that will keep growing in Jesus
and work with others to share their faith. 


These fields have been prayerfully and intentionally chosen because of
the need for missionaries to join local believers,
and their provision of supportive regional leadership for missionaries.

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You're needed here.

Called to a nation you don't see above? 

Contact us to discuss the needs around the world!

*creative-access country

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One Mission Society (OMS) has been working to share the gospel and equip the sons and daughters of all nations to reach their own people for Christ since 1901. 

OMS is an evangelical, interdenominational faith mission that partners with more than 300 organizations and church denominations around the world.

Our ministries partner with nearly 14,000 indigenous co-workers and are able to plant nearly 6,000 worshiping groups each year.

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We pray and share our faith with others to make more disciples of Jesus Christ.

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We encourage new disicples to meet together and eventually to branch off to make even more worshipping groups.

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Missionary Movements

We equip believers in the nations where we serve to follow God's Great Commission to go into the world and share the gospel.

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We use both formal and informal education to train believers to become leaders in their nation and beyond.